Turn any car into a hotspot with Sun Broadband WiFi Stick

Sun Broadband WiFi Stick

Turn your car into a hotspot with Sun Broadband’s WiFi Stick!

Online fun doesn’t stop even when your on the way to the different places you go to!

When you subscribe for a plan with a WiFi Stick, you get a FREE USB Car Adaptor so you can turn your car into the perfect spot to surf, chat, browse, and mingle!

The WiFi stick is available under the following plans:


Plan Usage Device One-Time Fee Holding Period
Plan 250
35 monthly hours P1,888 6 months
Plan 450
70 monthly hours
Easy Broadband
Unlimited None
Plan 799/ Plan 899
FREE 18 months

Note that the WiFi Stick may also be used with a laptop and supports up to 5 WiFi devices.

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