How to Request and Send Sun Regular Load?

Sun Cellular

How to request a load in Sun Cellular:

With Sun Cellular, subscribers can ask their friends who are also on the Sun network to give them load credits every time they run out of regular load balance, which is very useful in times of emergency situations.

To request a load from family and friends, just text GIMME<mobile number of choice of sender> then send to 2293.  You can send up to 3 requests per day.

How to pass a load (pasaload) in Sun Cellular:

With Sun Give-a-Load service, you can easily transfer cellphone loads to family and friends.

To send REGULAR load, text amount (P10-P50) <space> 11-digit mobile number of the subscribers you want to pass a load credit to.  For example, text 10 09231234567, then send to 2292.

To send SPECIAL load, text <LOAD CODE> <space> 11-digit number.  For example, you want to send your friend a Combo Text and Call 10 load, text CTC10 09231234567 then send to 2292.

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  3. GIMME then send to 2293.

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